1. GA731-II Rapier LoomThe GA731-II series rapier loom is a reflection of our outstanding expertise and decades of manufacturing experience. To allow for multiple functionalities and optimized cost-performance ratio, the loom with mature technology and stable functioning has been devised. It is suitable for fabricating natural, man-made, and synthetic fibers.
    1. RFRL20 Rapier LoomThe RFRL20 series rapier loom utilizes the relutance motor to enable fast start and low energy consumption. Thanks to the stepless speed control, the machine is able to accomplish speed change automatically throughout the weaving process while operating at rotational speeds ranging from 380 to 450 rounds per minute. The shedding, picking, warp let-off, and fabric take-up mechanisms are of optimized design to accommodate yarns of various types of fibers, such as denim, grey cloth, slub yarn, corduroy, cotton fabrics and cotton blend fabrics (for indoor decoration), light and medium-thick industrial fibers, linen, and fiber glass.
    1. RFRL31 High Speed Rapier LoomThe RFRL31 energy efficient type high speed rapier loom inherites the benificial features of previous RFRL30 series by incorpoarting the switched reluctance drive system into its motor. This motor assembly delivers high power factor which is desirable for energy saving. Compared to a conventional motor under the same weaving conditions, our state-of-the-art SRD motor proves over 15% decrease in energy consumption. It also contributes to the good quality of finished fabrics. Conclusively speaking, the RFRL31 series rapier loom is a highly effective, energy efficient device that reaches an internationally advanced level.
    1. RFTL60 High Speed Terry Rapier LoomThe RFTL60 high speed terry rapier loom can reach a top rotational speed of 550 rounds per minute while delivering maximum weaving speeds ranging between 400 and 450 rounds per minute. This type of weaving machine employs the moveable reed motion and electronic control for pile formation. The maximum distance that a single thread of weft can travel is 24mm. Electronically controlled the servo motor, the machine can generate different weft prick ratios varying between 3-pick and 7-pick.
    1. HST Series Terry Rapier LoomThe RFHST40 terry rapier loom can operate at rotational speeds of 260 to 360 rounds per minute. The choice of p.p.i(picks per inch) value can be made freely witin the range of 3 to 139. Primarily used for weaving terry towels, this loom adopts the moving cloth fell type cam shedding mechanism (where the reed motion is constant but the colth fell is moving)to form loop pile on one or both sides of the towel. The maximum width that a weft pick can cross is 20mm.
      The rotational speeds at which our RFHST45 Terry loom can function properly range between 300 and 400 rounds per minute. A wide array of p.p.i(pichs per inch) values are available, varying from 3 to 139 threads of weft per centimeter. As opposed to the RFHST40 series Terry loom, the RFHST45 uses an electronic control device to replace the traditional terry cam for loop pile formation. Controlled by a servo motor, the electronic weft ratio variator is able to program various weft ratios from 3-pick to 7-pick. The maximum width that the weft pick can cross is also 200m.
    1. RFJA20 Air Jet LoomThe RFJA20 air jet weaving machine is mainly used to weave cotton, chemical fiber, and filament. It runs at rotational speeds ranging between 750 and 1000 rounds per minute. This type of loom is highly automatic with its processing parameters able to be set via the touch screen. In addition, the machine has navigation capabilities which facilitates automatic setting. Its resulting fabric features high quality.
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