Textile Machinery Manufacturer

RIFA Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a China-based manufacturer of dedicated weaving equipment. We are a joint venture funded by parties such as the RIFA Textile Machinery Holding Group, CHANGRUN Investment Holding Group, and various private investors. Incorporated as one of the earliest shuttle-less loom producers in the domestic industry, we offer only the finest in air jet looms. Read More

Textile Machinery
    1. Rapier Loom
    2. Rapier Loom Primarily used to weave various natural fibers (such as cotton, wool, silk, and flax), man-made fibers, and synthetic fibers, the rapier loom is designed to produce single-width, double-width, and multiple-layer width fabrics.
    1. Air Jet Loom
    2. Air Jet Loom The RFJA30 high efficiency energy saving air jet loom is suitable for the production of clothing materials, home textiles, yarn dyed fabrics and some chemical fabrics where the yarn count is from 5-100.
    1. Water Jet Loom
    2. Water Jet Loom The RFJW series water jet loom uses a virtual prototype for weft insertion design, shedding and beating up, so that the loom’s vibration rate is 25% less than similar products under the same weaving conditions ...
    1. Terry Towel Loom
    2. Terry Towel Loom Terry towel loom is capable of carrying out free terry switching from 3 to 7 wefts. It also carries out an automatic weft density change during operation. This rapier loom features electronic let off, electronic take up ...
    1. Knitting Machine
    2. Knitting Machine Knitting circular knitting machine is suitable for weaving of natural, synthetic, rayon, and blended yarns that will be used for underwear, tights, gym clothing and more.
    1. Rotor Spinning Machine
    2. Rotor Spinning Machine The rotor spinning machine is used in the production of a variety of materials, including corduroy, denim, Khaki, yarn-dyed fabric, printed cloth, cotton blanket, bath towel ...
    1. Yarn Winding Machine
    2. Yarn Winding Machine Compared to a traditional yarn winding machine that uses a groove drum yarn guide, the AW22 precision assembly winding machine uses electronic yarn guide technology.
    1. Twisting Machine for Yarn Forming
    2. Twisting Machine for Yarn Forming The twisting machine is used to produce folded yarns by twisting two or more single yarns together, thus improving the yarn performance.