1. RFJA10 Air Jet LoomThe RFJA10 air-jet loom is suitable for weaving natural, synthetic, artificial, and mixed fiber yarn. It is commonly seen in garment, decorative, and indusrtical applications. This machine type can reach high rotational speeds ranging between 600 and 800 rounds per minute. Its digital control system allows for convenient operation while the professional, new appearance design along with the eye-pleasing color combination creates a tidy, attrpositive look.
    1. RFJA12 Air Jet LoomThe RFJA12 air-jet fiberglass weaving machine comes with a specifically designed, novel electronic control system. Equipped also with a professional weft-yarn drawing system, the loom allows the weft pick to be drawn quickly through the warp. Its rotational speed ranges from 650 to 700 rounds per minute. The maximum price to performance ratio as well as the leading technology will turn weaving a simpler, less costly work.
    1. RFJA20 Air Jet LoomThe RFJA20 air jet weaving machine is mainly used to weave cotton, chemical fiber, and filament. It runs at rotational speeds ranging between 750 and 1000 rounds per minute. This type of loom is highly automatic with its processing parameters able to be set via the touch screen. In addition, the machine has navigation capabilities which facilitates automatic setting. Its resulting fabric features high quality.

Air Jet Loom

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