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HST Series Terry Rapier Loom

The HST series terry rapier loom is applicable for weaving natural fibers (such as cotton, wool, silk, and flax), rayon, and synthetic fibers into various types of top grade terry weaves.

1. The weft insertion and beat-up motion is created by the movement of conjugate cams. In the weft insertion process, a flexible rapier with steel tape is used to carry the weft yarn through the middle of the shed. It never comes so close to the weft yarn or warp yarn as to cause damage to them.
2. The inclusion of a 5.5kw 4p air brake motor in the main transmission system means the loom can be automatically stopped when the warp or weft breaks thereby saving electricity. According to the actual weaving situation, the loom can be supplied with a second rated speed so that it can rotate at a lower speed to alleviate the burden from heavy load operation.
3. Both the ground warp let-off and cloth take-up systems are controlled by the electronic linkage. This connection and control manner enables a correct terry weave pattern even when the weft density changes during weaving. The warp tension can be set and adjusted via the numeric control so that it reaches the standard requirement. Weft density can be easily set at the push of a button, varying from 3 to 139picks/cm. The NC system also signals the loom to switch among 8 different weft densities to fulfill the need for various weaving applications.
4. The rapier loom can either be supplied with a dobby or jacquard shedding system.
5. Pile warp let-off motion is also electronically controlled. From loop pile forming and ground warp weaving, to sateen crafting, the warp let-off mechanism automatically increases the pile warp tension to ensure pile warp is tightly stretched.
6. The electronic weft selector allows maximum 8 colors of filling(weft pick) to be woven.
7. The loop pile is formed with the aid of internationally advanced electronic loop pile forming device. An independent manually operated motor controls the loop pile height which ranges between 0 and 20mm. It signals the loom to change the loop pile height as well as switch among 5 weft ratios from 3- to 7-pick loop pile.
8. The micro-computer control system has various functions such as system control and failure detection.

Item Specification
Reed Width Nominal Reed Width:190cm, 220cm, 240cm, 260cm, 280cm, 320cm
Speed 240(approximate reed width) 260~380rpm
260(approximate reed width) 250~360rpm
Yarn Count 5~500tex
Loop Pile Forming Method Via moving the warp
Loop Pile Height 0.5~10mm
Weft Density Range Main weft density: 80~500picks/10cm Auxiliary weft density: 1 to 6 times the main weft density
Loop Pile Forming Mechanism Cam with connection rod
Warp flange diameter Pile warp flange diameter:1000cm Ground warp flange diameter: 600cm
Maximum cloth roll diameter 550cm
Weft Selection Device Electronically controlled (allowing maximum 8 colors of filling to be woven)
Pile Warp Let-off Electronically controlled(A.C. servo motor)
Ground Warp Let-off Electronically controlled
Take-up Electronically controlled
Warp stop protector With electrical contact points
Automatic Weft-finding Automatic weft-finding while prevents set marks
Shedding System Dobby shedding or jacquard shedding
Electrical Control System Single-chip microcomputer control system
Weft Beat-up Mechanism Conjugate Cam
Weft Let-off Mechanism Double rapiers with a weft insertion device on one side of the loom. One rapier carries the weft to center of the shed, where the opposing rapier picks it up and carries it across the rest of the way. This motion is created by the conjugate cams
Weft Stop Protector Piezoelectric sensor for weft detection
Selvedge Leno Selvedge
Oil Lubrication System The main transmission system is lubricated in the manner of oil bath while the other transmission mechanisms are lubricated by forcing oil into them.

The HST terry rapier loom falls into one the six types grouped into three series. It inherits the internationally advanced technology from Japan Hiraiwa Company. With robust structure and compact, modular design, the loom is the primary choice for worldwide consumers.

Model NO. RFHST40
Certification ISO
Type Weaving Machinery
Main Motor 5.5kw (7.5kw) Special Electromagnetic Brake Motor
Let-off & Take-up Electronic Control (Servo/Converter Motor)
Cloth Roller Roll Diameter 550mm Max
Weft Density 3-139picks/Cm 8 Kinds Density Automaticly Exchange
Shedding Electronic Dobby Max 20shafts/ Electronic Jacquard
Loop Length 0-20mm
Main Reed Width(Cm) 240 / 260
Looping Mechanical / Servo Motor Control
Warp Beam Diameter 800mm(1000mm Pile Beam Is Optional)
Maximum Speed 370rpm (Economical Speed: 300~330rpm
Export Markets Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia
Additional Information
Trademark RIFA
Packing Wooden Pallet Package
Standard Main reed width(CM): 240260
Origin Liaocheng Shandong Province , China
HS Code 8446302000
Production Capacity 1000 PCS/Year

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