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RFRL30 High Speed Rapier Loom

The RFRL30 high speed rapier loom is primarily used for weaving natural, synthetic, rayon, and blended yarns into various complex apparel cloth, upholstery fabric, fiberglass fabrics, filter fabrics, and industrial fabrics for safety applications.

I. Usability
a. Our rapier loom can be supplied with various configurations to meet the requirements of different weaving applications. Its rated rotational speed is 700 rounds per minute allowing for a maximum weft insertion rate of 1500m/minute. The largest working width ranges between 170cm and 380cm.
b. The ergonomic design features a HD computer screen display, providing for friendly human machine interface. Its modular arrangement enables the loom to convert quickly from weaving one fiber to another without needing a new loom. Thanks to the highly automatic numeric control, the weaving parameters can be adjusted more easily during changeover.

II. Unique Structure
a. Weft Yarn Insertion Assembly--The rapier is driven by and connected to the crank via the connecting rod. This linkage mechanism gives optimized acceleration curve and speed curve, which ensures accurate, stable weft transfer and rapier movement, reduces weft breakage, and improves weft insertion efficiency.
b. One Shot Lubrication System-Controlled by the micro computer, the oiling system increases reliability and service life under good lubricating condition.

III. Sturdy Construction and Great Beat-up Force
a. The state of the art, robust frame comprises of two high-strength cast panels on both sides of the structure and a rugged cross beam for support. It has great rigidity, high strength, and enhanced anti-vibration characteristics and better satisfies customer needs for high speed, large working width, and low noise.
b. Strengthened back beam, warp beam, and support demonstrate good rigidity and high strength. As well as meeting the requirements for weft beat-up, the strengthened structure also helps maintain consistent warp tension.
c. The main transmission system includes a three-phase asynchronous motor which drives the high-performance electromagnetic clutch. This transmission mechanism delivers high speed torque, good braking capacity, stable running, and minimum energy consumption.
d. Driven by the conjugate cams fitted to both sides the loom, the loom sley drive (detachable) transmits the motion from the cam to the reed for weft beat-up. This drive mechanism reduces vibration and impact suffered by the cloth-fell. Thanks to the sley drive mechanism, the loom can perform reliable beat-up operation during weaving at high speed to fulfill the requirements for weaving high-density, tightly-tensioned fabric.

IV. Mechatronic Design
a. The warp let-off and take-up system are both controlled by the advanced servo motor to ensure the warp tension is consistent all the way across, whether the warp beam is full loaded or empty loaded. The motor also helps guarantee an accurate, proper weft density, eliminate set mark, and ensure flat, even fabric.
b. The high speed electronic weft selection device allows 4, 6, or 8 colors of filling(weft pick) with consistent, loose tension to be woven. The operating time can be set on the control panel.
c. The processing time of the high-speed selvedge forming device can also be set via the control panel according to different crafting requirements.
d. High-speed electronic weft accumulator performs weft replenishing operation within its lightweight, compact design. It delivers an even unwinding tension to fulfill the requirements for high-speed weft insertion.
e. The shedding motion can be controlled in one of the two ways, either jacquard shedding or dobby shedding. The maximum practical number of heald frames in rapier looms with dobby is 20. Known for its large load capacity, the dobby shedding system enables reliable, accurate functioning while it ensures proper shedding.

V. Automatic Functioning
a. Slow-Speed Pick Finding
In the event of weft break, the pick finder signals the weaving unit to move in the reverse manner for pick-finding, thereby facilitating broken weft repair and shortening pick-finding time. Once the picking finding mechanism is actuated, it can automatically compensate the broken weft, adjust the warp tension, and choose the proper weaving process for re-circulating weft repair. Therefore, loom stoppage can be avoided and quality fabric can be guaranteed.
b. Automatic Control
The automatic control functions include loom overload protection, automatic loom stoppage in the event of weft breakage, broken weft repair, automatic warp tension adjustment, automatic control of selvedge twisting time, weft beat-up(weft pick count controlled by NC system), network monitoring, automatic detection and reset, automatic fault diagnosis, and automatic display.

VI. Electronic Control
a. Highly efficient and simple to use, the friendly human-machine interface makes for storage of large amount of data. It makes two-way communication a possibility, wherein users can set as and adjust various crafting parameters as well as program the loom to weave according to the specific crafting procedures. For operation convenience, the operating platform is fitted to the left side and in the front of the loom, close to main control buttons and weft selector. The table (platform) is independently disposed to avoid vibration transmitted from other units of the loom.
b. The advanced, multi-function CPU electronic control system enables stable, reliable functioning. Not only does it manage and monitor all electrical control units therein, but also it controls all the external devices (dobby and jacquard) thereof via input and output port. The USB connectors makes parameter setting, weaving procedure input and output, data transmission easier than before. Thanks to this unique control system, users can quickly gather loom operating information, monitor weaving conditions, and allow for timely, automatic control and adjustment.

VII. Physical Appearance
The optimized rapier loom design represents the advanced ergonomic concept, which can effectively keep operators from the loom noise source, thus causing no harm to their body. The design also protects the loom components and parts from dust, ensuring safe, effective operation. All in all, the loom has a unique, aesthetically appealing physical appearance.

VIII. Maximum Price/Performance Ratio

Item Specifications Optional Configurations
Reed Width(cm) Nominal reed with width: 170, 190, 200, 220, 230, 240, 260, 290, 320, 340, 360.
Effective reed width: 0cm~80cm subtracted from the nominal reed with value
Weaving Capacity Cotton and man-made fiber yarn: 500tex(1.2Ne) ~ 5tex(120Ne)
Slub yarn or worsted wool: 680tex(1.5Nm) ~10tex(100Nm)
Filament: 10dtex (9Td) ~ 1650dtex (1500Td)
Fabric weight: 20~850g/m2
Weaving Speed Rotational speed: 700r/min
Crafting speed: 450~650r/min Depending on the reed width
Maximum weft insertion rate: 1500m/min Depending on the reed width
Weft Weft selector: 4~8colors (allowable colors of weft pick to be woven) Selector type: linear-motion motor or step motor type electronic weft selector Maximum 8 colors
Weft accumulator: fixed drum type weft accumulator or electronic weft accumulator
Weft cutter: mechanical type
Power Drive control: 7.5kw three-phase asynchronous motor, electromagnetic clutch, starter motor
Main motor: 7.5kw AC three-phase asynchronous motor Reed width: 320cm
Shedding High speed dobby shedding system (Its maximum allowable number of heald frames is 20.) or active type cam shedding system(Its maximum allowable number of heald frames is 8.)
Jacquard shedding system
Weft Beating Sley (driven by two conjugate cams on both sides of the loom)
Weft Insertion Device Mechanical linkage of crankshaft and connection rod(without hooks)
Warp Let-off Mechanism AC servo motor for continuous warp let-off motion
Single warp beam Double warp beam
Warp flange diameter: φ1000mm φ800mm φ700/φ500mm
Cloth Take-up Electric servo motor for continuous cloth take-up
Cloth roll diameter : 600mm(standard) or 1200mm (with the aid of external device)
Weft density: 2~200picks/cm
Selvedge Formation Selvedge forming device: stepper motor or linear motor
Selvedge cutter: mechanical type or electronic type(for option)
Temple: two independent temples set on both sides of the loom or one temple spanning the full width of the warp
Lubrication Oil spray lubrication or oil bath lubrication
Stop Protector Warp stop-motion with 6 or 8 rows of contact points
Weft stop-motion: highly-sensitive piezoelectric sensor
Other stop-motion mechanisms available to stop the loom automatically if the selvedge breaks.
Stop-indicator: The reason that may cause the loom to stop is presented on the control panel. The 4-color light will be turned on to warn users.
Automatic Functioning Automatic loom stop at the designated point, slow-speed weft-finding, cloth-fell compensation(broken weft repair), warp tension adjustment, reset, automatic warp tension detection, loom fault display.
Electrical Control Multi-function CPU control system for monitoring, automatic diagnosis, and information display.
Touch screen or large liquid crystal display(LCD) for two-way communication, setting or adjusting parameters, programming
Flange Diameter (mm) L H1 H2
φ1000 2033 527 428
φ800 1837 439 332
LP A B Fabrics C Warp beam
Max Min Max Min
170 2100 1700 900 1700 910
190 2300 1900 1100 1900 1110
200 2400 2000 1200 2000 1210
220 2600 2200 1400 2200 1410
230 2700 2300 1500 2300 1510
240 2800 2400 1600 2400 1610
260 3000 2600 1800 2600 1810
290 3400 2900 2100 2900 2110
320 3800 3200 2400 3200 2410
340 4000 3400 2600 3400 2610
360 4200 3600 2800 3600 2810
Model NO. RFRL30
Type Weaving Machinery
Speed(Rpm) Designed speed: 700 /Working speed: 450~650
Reed Width(Cm ) 190, 200, 220, 230, 240, 260, 290, 320, 340, 360.
Pick Density 2~200 Picks/Cm
Shedding Electronic Dobby /Electronic Jacquard
Yarn Range Cotton, Man-Made Fiber, Slub yarn & Worsted wool, Filament
Power Three-Phase 7.5kw Motor /Super Motor
Warp Beam Diameter 800mm /1000mm
Weft Insertion Rate 1500 M /Min
Cloth Roll Diameter 600mm (standard roller within the loom) 1200mm (external roller)
Export Markets Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia
Additional Information
Trademark RIFA
Packing Wooden Pallet Package
Standard Reed width: 170~380cm
Origin Liaocheng City, ShanDong Province, China
HS Code 84463020
Production Capacity 1000pcs /year

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