1. RFTL60 High Speed Terry Rapier Loom

      It is for weaving terry towels as well as French Terry cloth.
      Loop pile height 0-24mm.
      The RFTL60 high speed terry rapier loom can reach a top rotational speed of 550 rounds per minute while delivering maximum weaving speeds ranging between 400 and 450 rounds per minute. This type of weaving machine employs the moveable reed motion and electronic control for pile formation. The maximum distance that a single thread of weft can travel is 24mm.

    1. HST Series Terry Rapier Loom

      The loom machine is for weaving natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, and flax, as well as rayon. The weft insertion and beat-up motion is created by the movement of conjugate cams. In the weft insertion process, a flexible rapier with steel tape is used to carry the weft yarn through the middle of the shed. It never comes so close to the weft yarn or warp yarn as to cause damage to them.

Terry Rapier Loom

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