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RFTL60 High Speed Terry Rapier Loom

The RFTL60 high speed terry rapier loom adopts the most advanced electronic control unit that controls the warp let-off system, cloth take-up system, and moving reed type loop pile formation mechanism(wherein the loop pile is formed via the movement of the reed).

Freely switchable among a plurality of weft ratios that range from 3- to 7-pick terry weaves, the loom also can automatically change the weft density during its weaving. Not only is the machine suitable for making ordinary terry towels, but it also can craft top grade terry weaves like the French Terry cloth as well as terry weave with wavy loop piles. This series of rapier loom fills the market void for top-grade terry towel weaving machine, marking the attainment of advanced world level.

Item Main Technical Parameters
Reed Width(cm) 200, 220, 240, 260, 290, 360
Rotational Speed (RPM) 350-450
Main Motor 7.5KW (with the frequency converter for option)
Weft Density 5-150picks/cm
Electronically Controlled Loop Formation Automatic loop formation control and switchable among a wide range of weft ratios from 3- to 7-pick.
Loop Pile Height 0-24mm(The pile height can be freely set )
Electronic Warp Let-off Ground Warp Beam Flange Disc Diameter: Ф800mm
Pile Warp Beam Flange Disc Diameter: Ф1000mm
Electronic Cloth Take-up Maximum cloth roll diameter: Ф600mm
Model NO. RFTL60
Certification ISO
Type Weaving Machinery
Warp Let-off and Cloth Take-up Electronic Control System
Speed(RPM) Designed: 550 Practical: 250~450
Weft Density 5~150picks /Cm
Shedding High Speed Electronic Dobby/Electronic Jacquard
Cloth Roll Diameter 600mm
Power Three-Phase 7.5kw Motor/Super Motor
Reed Width(cm) 200, 220, 240, 260, 290.
Loop Forming Servo Motor Control, Loop Height: 0~24mm
Warp Beam Diameter Ground Beam: 800mm, Pile Beam: 1000mm
Weft Insertion Rate 1350m /Min
Export Markets Global
Additional Information
Trademark RIFA
Packing Wooden Pallet Package
Standard Reed Width: 230cm or 280cm
Origin Liaocheng City, Shandong Province , China
HS Code 84463020
Production Capacity 1000pcs /year

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