1. GA731-II Rapier Loom

      It is weaving machine used to weave various natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, and flax, as well as man-made fibers, and synthetic fibers. The GA731-II series rapier loom is a reflection of our outstanding expertise and decades of manufacturing experience. To allow for multiple functionalities and optimized cost-performance ratio, the loom with mature technology and stable functioning has been devised. It is suitable for fabricating natural, man-made, and synthetic fibers.

    1. RFRL20 Rapier Loom

      Nominal reed width: 190, 210, 230, 260, 280 cm.
      Weaving Capacity: Cotton or synthetic fiber yarn 1.2Ne-120Ne, Slub yarn or worsted yarn 1.5Nm-100Nm.
      The RFRL20 series rapier loom utilizes the relutance motor to enable fast start and low energy consumption. Thanks to the stepless speed control, the machine is able to accomplish speed change automatically throughout the weaving process while operating at rotational speeds ranging from 380 to 450 rounds per minute.

    1. RFRL30 High Speed Rapier LoomThe RFRL30 high speed rapier loom allows a maxium of 1500m long weft to fill in the tightly stretched, lengthwise warp per minute. Its maxium weaving widths range between 170cm and 360cm. This series of loom can perform various fabricating tasks, such as weaving cotton fabrics, denim cloth, worsted fabric and slub yarn, rayon, synthetic fiber, silk fabric, corduroy, cotton fabrics and cotton blend fabrics (for indoor decoration), linen fabric, lightweight and medium-thick filter cloth (for industrial use), and fiberglass.
    1. RFRL31 High Speed Rapier Loom

      It is used for weaving cotton or man-made fiber, slub yarn or worsted yarn and filament.
      It is with jacquard shedding system.
      The RFRL31 energy efficient type high speed rapier loom inherites the benificial features of previous RFRL30 series by incorpoarting the switched reluctance drive system into its motor. This motor assembly delivers high power factor which is desirable for energy saving.

Rapier Loom

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