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RFRL31 High Speed Rapier Loom

The RFRL31 high speed rapier loom inherits the desirable features from RFRL30 weaving machine. Directly driven by the cutting-edge switched reluctance motor(SRM), our rapier loom not only uses 20% less energy than conventional ones under the same weaving conditions, but it also gives higher power factor while yielding quality fabrics. It's definitely an advanced world-level weaving machine.

Energy Efficiency
The use of switched reluctance motor eliminates the need for transmission clutch and drive belt. The powerful, effective electronic switching system allows the motor to consume less energy, reduce the failure rate, and decrease maintenance cost.

Novel Transmission Mechanism for Shedding System
The warps are given shedding motion by the switched reluctance motor. Weft-finding motion is precisely controlled by the CPU and SRM. All these control features ensure reliable, stable functioning as well as reduces cost spent on shedding system maintenance.

Advanced SRM Electronic Switching System
The rapier loom rotational speed can be freely set on the operation interface where a wide range of speeds are available. Thanks to the electronic switching system, the loom can achieve rapid start-up, accurate braking to the designated position, step-less speed control, and automatic speed changing. Changing weaving speed according to the requirements of different creating processes can effectively reduce yarn breakage and set mark thereby making the loom suitable for various weaving applications.

Cutting Edge CPU
The CPU numeric control system utilizes the CAN-bus system to monitor and manage all the functioning modules therein. The big screen displays loom operating status in graphic form. The function keys set on the operating table allows ease of operation. Users can use the SD card to insert production program into the computer or use the RAM card to upload the production data to the internet.

State-of-the-Art Centralized Lubrication System
The double centralized lubrication systems are both controlled by the micro-computer. Where key parts on the loom need to be lubricated, the system will force the lubricating oil spray into them. Its high-precision oil pressure sensor can monitor and display the running condition of lubricating system, in an attempt to ensure the proper functioning of the loom.

Item Specifications Optional Configurations
Reed Width Nominal reed width: 170cm, 190cm, 200cm, 220cm, 230cm, 240cm, 260cm, 290cm, 320cm, 340cm, 360cm, 380cm
Effective reed width: 0cm~80cm subtracted from the nominal reed with value
Weaving Capacity Cotton or man-made fiber: 500tex(1.2Ne)~5tex(120Ne)
Slub yarn or worsted yarn: 680tex(1.5Nm)~10tex(100Nm)
Filament: 10dtex (9Td)~1650dtex (1500Td)
Allowable fabric weight: 20~850g/m2
Weaving Speed Rotational speed: 700r/min
Crafting speed: 450~650r/min Depending on the reed width
Maximum weft insertion rate: 1500m/min Depending on the reed width
Weft Weft selector: 4~8colors (allowable colors of weft pick to be woven)
Selector type: linear-motion motor or step motor type electronic weft selector
Maximum 8 colors
Weft accumulator: fixed drum type weft accumulator or electronic weft accumulator
Weft cutter: mechanical type
Power Drive control: 7.5kw three-phase asynchronous motor, electromagnetic clutch, starter motor
Main motor: 7.5kw AC three-phase asynchronous motor Reed width: 320cm
Shedding High speed dobby shedding system (Its maximum allowable number of heald frames is 20.) or positive type cam shedding system(Its maximum allowable number of heald frames is 8.)
Jacquard shedding system
Weft Beating Sley (driven by two conjugate cams on both sides of the loom)
Weft Insertion Device Mechanical linkage of crankshaft and connection rod
Warp Let-off Mechanism AC servo motor for continuous warp let-off motion
Single warp beam Double warp beam
Warp flange diameter: φ1000mm φ800mm φ700/φ500mm
Cloth Take-up Electric servo motor for continuous cloth take-up
Cloth roll diameter : 600mm(standard) or 1200mm (with the aid of external device)
Weft density: 2~200picks/cm
Selvedge Formation Selvedge forming device: stepper motor or linear motor
Selvedge cutter: mechanical type or electronic type(for option)
Temple: two independent temples set on both sides of the loom or one temple spanning the full width of the warp
Lubrication Oil spray lubrication or oil bath lubrication
Stop Protector Warp stop-motion with 6 or 8 rows of contact points
Weft stop-motion: highly-sensitive piezoelectric sensor
Other stop-motion mechanisms available to stop the loom automatically if the selvedge breaks.
Stop-indicator: The reason that may cause the loom to stop is presented on the control panel. The 4-color light will be turned on to warn users.
Automatic Functioning Automatic loom stop at the designated point, slow-speed weft-finding, cloth-fell compensation(broken weft repair), warp tension adjustment, reset, automatic warp tension detection, loom fault display.
Electrical Control Multi-function CPU control system for monitoring, automatic diagnosis, and information display.
Touch screen or large liquid crystal display(LCD) for two-way communication, setting or adjusting parameters, programming
Warp flange diamter L H1 H2
φ1000 2033 527 428
φ800 1837 439 332
Loom Specifications
LP A B Fabric with Slevedge C Warp Shaft
Maximum Minimum Maximum Minimum
170 2100 1700 900 1700 910
190 2300 1900 1100 1900 1110
200 2400 2000 1200 2000 1210
220 2600 2200 1400 2200 1410
230 2700 2300 1500 2300 1510
240 2800 2400 1600 2400 1610
260 3000 2600 1800 2600 1810
290 3400 2900 2100 2900 2110
320 3800 3200 2400 3200 2410
340 4000 3400 2600 3400 2610
360 4200 3600 2800 3600 2810
Model NO. RFRL31
Certification ISO
Type Weaving Machinery
Export Markets Global
Additional Information
Trademark RIFA
Packing Wooden Pallet
Standard Reed width; 170cm~360cm
Origin Liaocheng City, Shandong Province , China
HS Code 84463020
Production Capacity 2000sets/Year

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