RFJA20 Loom Technology Listed in the Technology Popularization Program of Textile Industry Five-Year Plan
In 2008, our RFJA20 air jet loom was awarded the technology popularization project included in the textile industry five-year plan. The purpose of this award was to expedite technological advancement in the textile industry and promote technology transfer. The RFJA20 series weaving machine had been evaluated by the experts. After the appraisal, they reached an agreement that the RFJA20 weaving technology should be popularized.

RFJA10 Won the Scientific Progress Award Issued by China Textile Machinery Association
The scientific progress award is awarded to enterprises for their outstanding achievements in the scientific research, technological innovation, technological application, and high-tech industrialization of the textile industry.

RFRL30 Won State Technological Invention Award in 2009

The objective of the State Technological Invention Award is to encourage innovation in the textile industry.

RFTL60 Terry Tower Rapier Loom Won the State Technological Invention Award in 2012

The award was issued by China Textile Machinery Association.