Our company is one of the earliest shuttle-less loom manufacturers in China. For nearly two decades, we have accumulated a wealth of production experience, which makes our company become the major shuttle-less loom production, research, and development base. Our company has always been devoted to the batch production of first-rate shuttle-less looms of varied types. Our major products include the RFJA air jet loom, RFRL30 rapier loom, GA731-II rapier loom, RFTL 60 terry loom, and HST40 terry loom. Thus far, an estimated 10,000 sets of weaving equipment have been sold to some twenty cities in China and exported to a dozen of countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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Currently, there are over 300 employees in our company, 55.7% of whom have earned the associate degree or higher. Workers under the age of 40 account for 87.9% of total working staff. At our technical center which is known as the Shangdong Rapier Loom Engineering Research Center, there are over 70 proficient technicians. Among them, there are more than 30 professionals holding the middle- or senior-level title. All the technicians are experienced in machine design and manufacture.

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Our mission is to provide clients with the single equipment, workshop section, workshop, and assembly line, in an attempt to assist them to build up an ideal digital factory. In order for this goal to be achieved, we have prepared a first-rate CAD design center, PDM(Participant Data Management)system, and advanced 3-D design work station which incorporates the PTC 3D design software that enables the station to conduct assembly test on the 3D dynamic machine model under computer control.

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More than 20 series of weaving machines are available including the cotton loom, worsted loom, slub yarn loom, linen loom, ramie fiber loom, jute loom, denim loom, silk loom, terry loom, jacquard loom, label loom, wide width upholster fabric loom slub yarn weaving machine, flax weaving machine, industrial & percolation fabric loom, and special net fabric loom.