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RFJA12 Air Jet Loom

The RFJA12 air jet loom is designed to maximize production for glass fibers. All its systems and mechanisms have been specifically constructed to facilitate the weaving of glass fibers. Those include the novel electrical control system, powerful weft beating mechanism with four connection rods, cloth take-up roller that eliminates bias filling, highly effective weft insertion assembly, negative warp let-off mechanism, suction unit, advanced cloth take-up mechanism, temple(stretcher), and selvedge shear.

1. To construct an automatic control system, we use the computer which runs 32-bit version of Windows operating system to send, gather, and correct the process parameters. This control manner does not require human operation while allowing for digital management and monitoring network. Not only does this control system provide abundant information, but it also has twice the use life of the traditional intelligent keyboard.
2. Based on the characteristics of glass fiber, the computer optimized design of weft battening mechanism with four connection rods is introduced into the loom. With each beating up operation, the short-stroke reed reduces the distance that it has to travel to press the weft yarn against the cloth fell while generating little vibration and permitting longer time spent on weft insertion. Short stroke also allows the reed to give strong beating force during high speed operation of the loom, with more assurance to yield quality fabrics.
3. The rolling type cloth fell temple (stretcher) and cloth press roller eliminate the bias filling and ensure the fabric keep its tension and width while being transferred from the temple to the cloth transfer roller. There are friction materials wrapped around the surface of the cloth transfer roller and cloth take-up roller to avoid any press mark incurred by the cloth.
4. The specifically designed weft accumulator, main nozzle, aide nozzle, and relay nozzle can protect the glass fiber weft yarn from damage as well as decrease the wear of weft insertion components caused by the yarn.
5. The electronically controlled double back beam for warp let-off motion can measure out the exact warp tension and keep it at a proper level. The highly responsive AC servo motor precisely controls the let-off speed, thus ensuring the warp yarn quality.
6. The highly effective suction device sucks away the fiber fines in the air produced during weaving, thereby creating a fiber-free working environment.
7. The combined control technology of AC servo motor and angular displacement sensor assures the cloth to be tightly tensioned. The big cloth take-up roller requires little standing room, and allows a maximum 800mm-diameter cloth roll to be wound on it
8. Given the high hardness of the glass fiber, we have designed this chopping shear to remove the redundant warp ends. Such a shear requires little production cost as it gives good cutting performance and long use life.

Item Specifications Optional Parts
Reed Width Nominal reed width: 150cm, 170cm, 280cm, 340cm
Effective reed width: 0 ~ 60cm taken away from the nominal reed width.( for the loom with a reed width ranging between 150~250cm)
0 ~ 80cm taken away from the nominal reed width(for the loom with a reed width above 280cm)

Weaving Capacity Staple fiber: Ne100~Ne5
Filament fiber: 50D~1000D
Weft Selection Single color double color
Power The electromagnetic brake is responsible for stopping the car at the designated point.
Super starter motor:
2.2kw(crankshaft shedding system)
3.0kw(cam shedding system)

Hand-operated push buttons
Weft Insertion Main nozzle, aide nozzle, stretching nozzle
Profiled reed
Aide hoses for the main nozzle
Shedding System Crankshaft shedding system: 2, 4, or maximum 6 heald frames
Positive cam shedding system: maximum 8 heald frames
Warp Let-off Electrically controlled continuous warp let-off motion
Single warp let-off axle (for reed width below 250cm) Single or double warp let-off axle (for reed width above 250cm)

Warp flange diameter: Ф 800mm or 1000 mm(optional)
Cloth Take-up Mechanically controlled continuous take-up motion Electronically controlled take-up motion)
Weft density:
25 ~ 205picks/inch(mechanically controlled take-up motion)
25~300picks/inch(electronically controlled take-up motion)

Maximum cloth roll diameter:
Ф 800 mm(electronically controlled take-up roller installed within the loom)
External take-up roller designed for winding in large diameter cloth roll.
Weft Battening Weft beating-up mechanism with the crankshaft and multiple sley swords.
Weft battening mechanism with four connection rods(for small weft width)
Weft battening mechanism width six connection rods (for large weft width)

Weft length measurement and weft accumulator Electrically controlled drum-shaped weft accumulator with weft braking device. Vibration type weft accumulator
Filling Supply Stand Floor mounted for 2 packages (single color)
floor mounted for 4 packages (2 colors)

Selvedge Formation Selvedge forming device with planetary gears
Waste Filling Removal Waste selvedge take-up device with gears
Weft Shearing Mechanical weft shear or professional weft shear for glass fibers
Lubrication The main transmission system is lubricated in the manner of oil bath while the other transmission mechanisms are lubricated by forcing oil into them. Automatic Centralized Lubrication
Stop Protector Weft stop protector: photoelectric weft detector, double detector
Warp stop protector: Electrical contact type with 2 rows of warp stop devices
Other stop-motion mechanisms available to stop the loom automatically if the selvedge or waste selvedge breaks.
Loom Stop Display: When the loom stops, the 4 color LED light will be turned on. The reason which causes the loom to stop will be displayed on the human-machine interface.
Automatic Functions Control system: with micro-computer (data setting, automatic control, monitoring, self-diagnosis function)
Broken weft finding device: automatic pick finder
Motion of inching forward via frequency converter(forward and reverse rotation)
Monitor output terminal
Memory card system
Air jet control(AJC) Filling insertion control(FIC)
Nominal Reed Width cm (inch) 150 170 280 340
W (2C) Crankshaft Shedding System 3550 3750 4850 5450
Negative Cam Shedding System 3690 3890 / /
Positive Cam Shedding System (SATUBLI:1661) 3930 4130 5230 5830
Bottom Mounted Positive Dobby Shedding System (SATUBLI:2861,2871) 4030 4230 5330 5930
A 1500 1700 2800 3400
B 2140 2340 3440 4040
Basic Information
Model NO. RFJA12
Certification ISO
Type Weaving Machinery
Export Markets Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia
Additional Information
Trademark RIFA
Packing Wooden Pallet
Standard Reed width: 150cm ~340cm
Origin Liaocheng City, Shandong Province , China
HS Code 8446305000
Production Capacity 1200 Sets/Year

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