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GA731-II Rapier Loom

Principally used to weave various natural fibers(such as cotton, wool, silk, and flax), man-made fibers, and synthetic fibers, the GA731-II rapier loom can fabricate them into single-width, double-width, and multiple-width fabrics. It is especially suitable for fabricating large-width dyed fabrics.

1. The compact design makes for simple operation and easy replacement of fabrics. The loom is high automatic, suitable for a wide range of weaving applications.
2. The micro-computer control system features a liquid crystal display. It is utilized to perform various automatic functions. For example, in the event of warp and weft breakage, the loom can be automatically stopped. Further benefits of this control system include automatic pick finding, fault detection, and weft picking.
3. The rapier loom adopts the positive dobby shedding system in which the shedding motion is created by the movement of the heald frame. Dependant on the fabric weaving design, we can use the pre-designated punched paper or pre-set program to control the rising and lowering movement of the heald frame. This shedding mechanism also can be equipped with the electronic dobby.
4. The weft drawing-in mechanism features two rapiers and one weft pick feeder on one side of the loom. Weft insertion is carried out by an assembly of conjugate cam, flexible rapier band, and weft gripper. One gripper carries the weft pick to the center of warp width. Meanwhile the other gripper moves from the opposite side to the center. The two grippers meet and the weft pick is transferred from one gripper to the other. The whole drawing-in process is controlled by the optimized, high-precision conjugate cam, which regulates the motion of the rapier and ensures consistent high tension of the weft pick, reliable weft transfer, and stable operating at high rotational speed.
5. The weft beating mechanism is constructed of the conjugate cam driving the shortened sley(weaver's reed) sword. The inertial force encountered by the dents of the reed to push the weft forward into the fell during beat up. Compared to other motions, the inertial motion does not generate impact or require any energy consumption. Likewise, the motion of conjugate cam utilized in the weft drawing-in process is also transferred by the movement of the shortened sley sword. This motion transmission assembly ensures sufficient beat-up force when weaving high-density and heavy-weight fabrics.
6. The positive-type warp let-off mechanism adopts the multiple regulatory systems to ensure the warp is evenly let-off under consistent tension.
7. The cloth take-up mechanism is constructed of the worm wheel, worm screw, and chain wheel, which transmits torque necessary to drive the take-up roll for continuous winding-forward of the fabric.
8. The weft color selection system allows maxim 8 different colors of weft to be woven. The electronic weft selection device and mechanical weft selection device are both for options.
9. The power of the 4kw main motor is transmitted to other mechanisms of the loom via the electromagnetic brake and clutch. Work in cooperation with electrical control system, the electromagnetic brake and clutch can precisely control the motion of start up, stop at a designated location, and inching forward.
10. The rapier loom comes with a leno selvedge twisting device, which can work in cooperation with selvedge tuck-in device or selvedge melting device.
11. Oil bath lubrication is applied to the main transmission wheel while forced lubrication method is adopted to lubricate the bearing of the pendulum shaft. Sealed bearing is used on the parts where oil bath lubrication is rendered unusable.

Technical Specifications
Items Specifications Optional Parts
Reed Width Nominal reed width; 150, 190, 210, 230, 260, 280, 320, 340, 360, 380, 420, 440, 460
Loom Speed 190cm (approximate reed width) 312~430rpm
280cm (approximate reed width) 232 ~320rpm
320cm(approximate reed width) 224 ~300rp
380cm(approximate reed width) 195 ~280rpm
Yarn Number(Range) Staple Fiber:5 ~500 Filament Fiber: 1.7 ~500
Maximum Weft Insertion Rate 1000m/min~1200m/min
Power <4.6kw
Weft Density (Range) 30 ~800picks/10cm
Warp Beam Disc Diameter 800cm
Maximum Cloth Take-up Diameter 550cm
Weft Selection Electronic weft selection 4/6/8 colors Mechanical Weft Selection
Warp Let-off Positive, continuous warp let-off Electronic Warp Let-off
Take-up Positive, continuous take-up Electronic Winding-in, External Winding-in Device
Warping Stop Device Electrical contact point type
Automatic Weft Pick Finding System Automatic pick finding and weft bar
Shedding Mechanism Dobby Shedding
Electrical Control System Single chip micro-computer control
Weft Beat-up Mechanism Conjugate Cam
Weft Drawing-in There are two rapiers on either side of the loom while only one weft insertion device is fitted to the one side of the said loom. One rapier carries the weft pick halfway across the warp width where the other rapier picks it up and pulls it the rest of the way. The motion of the rapier is created by the conjugate cam.
Weft Protector Piezoelectric transducer for weft detection
Selvedge type Leno selvedge. In addition to the selvedge forming device, the loom also can be equipped with selvedge tuck-in device and selvedge melting device.
Maximum quantity of heald frames 20pcs
Lubrication System The main transmission mechanism is lubricated by oil bath. For other mechanisms, lubricating oil is forced into them on a regular basis.

(cm) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm)
150 1910 1193 700 1510 4430
190 2310 1193 1100 1910 4830
210 2510 1193 1300 2110 5030
230 2710 1193 1500 2310 5230
260 3130 1193 1800 2690 5650
280 3330 1193 2000 2890 5850
320 3730 1193 2400 3290 6250
340 3930 1193 2600 3490 6450
360 4130 1193 2800 3690 6650
380 4330 1193 3000 3890 6850
420 4730 1193 3400 4290 7250
440 4930 1193 3600 4490 7450
460 5130 1193 3800 4690 7650

Drawing on decades of loom manufacturing experience, we now bring a proven design of GA731 rapier loom to the weaving industry. This desirable loom incorporates new, mature technology which explains why it can have such unique features as stable performance, simple operation, multiple functions, and high price performance ratio.

To fulfill the market demand while considering the diverse features of different fabrics, we have developed several series of special looms on the basis of GA731 type. These include jacquard loom, jute loom, industrial fabric loom, sunscreen fabric loom, and net fabric loom, among various others. All the said machines have been well commented by our clients. Additionally, our loom can be custom built to your individual requirements.

Model No. GA731-II
Type Weaving Machinery
Reed Width (cm) 150,190, 210, 230, 260, 280, 320, 360, 380, 460
Speed 280~430rpm
Weft Density Mechanical Take-up: 3~68picks/cm Electronic Take-up:3~120picks/cm
Cloth Roll Diameter 550mm
Power <4.6kw
Weft Insertion Rate 1000m /Min ~ 1200m/Min
Flange Disk (Weft Beam) Diameter 800mm / 1000mm
Export Markets Global

Widespread Applications
GA731 rapier loom can weave all kinds of natural fiber, rayon and synthetic filament. It is most suitable for weaving such fabrics as wool fabric, linen, silk, cotton, chemical fiber, sunscreen fabric, jute, glass fiber, flat yarn, jacquard, and leno, involved in the fields of furnishings, upholstery, tourism, civil engineering, and industry.

Main Technical Parameters
Reed Width 150, 190, 210, 230, 260, 280, 320, 360, 380, 460(cm)
Speed 150cm(approximate reed width) 320~430 RPM
190cm(approximate reed width) 312~430 RPM
280cm(approximate reed width) 232~320 RPM
320cm(approximate reed width) 224~300 RPM
380cm(approximate reed width) 195~280 RPM
Weft Insertion Rate 1000m/minute ~ 1200m/minute
Weft Density Mechanical Take-up: 3~68 picks/cm
Electronic Take-up: 3~120 picks/cm
Shedding Device Mechanical Dobby/ Electronic Dobby (20 shafts Max)
Electronic Jacquard
Let-off & Take-up Let-off: Mechanical /Electronic
Take-up: Mechanical /Electronic
Weft Beating Conjugated cams with double drive on both sides
Weft Insertion Slay driven by conjugate cam
Weft Beam Single / Double
Flange Disk Diameter: 800mm /1000mm
Cloth roller Diameter 550mm
Power Total consume< 4.6kw
Control Computer control system
Weft Selection Electronic weft selector
Function Automatic weft pick finding. Sometimes there are too many threads passing through one dent of the reed causing reed marks left in the fabric. There are many other types of marks incurred by the fabric during loom starting or sudden stop. This series of loom can very well prevent those marks.
Reed Width (cm) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm)
150 1910 1193 700 1510 4430
190 2310 1193 1100 1910 4830
210 2510 1193 1300 2110 5030
230 2710 1193 1500 2310 5230
260 3130 1193 1800 2690 5650
280 3330 1193 2000 2890 5850
320 3730 1193 2400 3290 6250
340 3930 1193 2600 3490 6450
360 4130 1193 2800 3690 6650
380 4330 1193 3000 3890 6850
420 4730 1193 3400 4290 7250
440 4930 1193 3600 4490 7450
460 5130 1193 3800 4690 7650

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